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Person with dementia arguing with caregiver. I offer services to help deal with these problems.

What is DementiaCentric Solutions?

DementiaCentric Solutions LLC supports the Make Dementia Your B*tch! blog, podcast, and other free resources for dementia caregivers developed by the owner, Dr. Rita Jablonski. While free is good, sometimes family caregivers need a little more support. This is the place where you can purchase PRIVATE coaching sessions and other transformational products once they become available. Thank you so much for stopping by!

New Products

My book will be available by the end of January. Want a sneak preview? Click here!

Coming in January: the Confident Dementia Caregiving Mini-Academy, 5 weekly live sessions with lots of interaction! Click here for upcoming updates and special pricing!

Would you like personalized dementia coaching? Please contact me for a FREE NO OBLIGATION 15-minute call and we can talk about your options!

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