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Person with dementia arguing with caregiver. I offer services to help deal with these problems.

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Dr. Jablonski, you are a gem! You give working examples and emphasize patience.  It was your expertise that helped me years ago. You advised to put a pretty, blue towel over the toilet (which looked like a hole) and say, “have a seat”. I’d pull the towel out as she turned to sit. I especially appreciated all your smart tips when I needed them to assure her to trust me, and know she was loved and safe. I keep you as a constant guide to share with friends that are caregivers now. –L.L.

Rita, this is beautiful. Even though I had tried to tell my mother over and over about my stepfather not “fitting any new information in his box” (I learned this from listening to you), it took a [coaching] session with you and YOU telling my mother this for her to understand. She has more patience with him now, although it can still be overwhelming for her. You definitely have found your calling in Life! We will see you at the next [coaching] session. Thanks for everything you do! –MH

I cannot thank you enough. It all rings true and a few of your approaches are things I’ve arrived at, by trial and error. (Mostly the latter, LOL). But you explain what the person with dementia is feeling or responding too, which helps me better understand, be proactive, and be empathetic. You have a great sense of humor – I love “the judge is waiting.”–SB

About me…

As a certified adult nurse practitioner, I‘ve been helping people living with dementia and their family caregivers in a busy neurology clinic for the past decade. I’m a researcher, too! I’ve developed and tested non-drug approaches for challenging behaviors. My current research and projects are funded by the US National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. My 20+ research career has been funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation, the Brookdale Foundation, and the US Department of Defense. I’m also a tenured professor and teach in the Schools of Nursing, Dentistry, and Medicine. I am a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the Gerontological Society of America–this means that 2 major organizations officially recognize the value and importance of my work in the area of dementia care. When I’m not working, King Zydeco and I canter through Alabama fields accompanied by my awesome pandemic puppy, Amira.