Overwhelmed? Frustrated? I can help!!!

What if there was a process, that, once learned, could make your life easier as a caregiver for someone living with dementia? That could radically transform the daily struggles, the arguments and the frustration, from dealing with a loved one who acts stubborn or mean? A process that could turn you into THE dementia expert for YOUR family member? Would you want to know that process?

Well, I’ve got it!

I’m Dr. Rita Jablonski and I’ve been helping family caregivers of people living with dementia successfully prevent and manage the refusals, the “say no’s” and many other behaviors that make both you and the person living with dementia miserable. I am a nurse practitioner and researcher with 40 years of clinical experience caring for people living with dementia in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. I’m also a federally funded researcher who has published my findings in professional, peer-reviewed journals. I also have a book, “Make Dementia Your B*tch: An Easy Guide to Understanding and Handling Dementia-Driven Behaviors.”

When you are able to use my approaches when caring for a loved one with dementia, then you can easily prevent many of the behaviors that are driving you crazy right now. Once you know how to respond to your loved one saying “no” or telling you “I already had a bath, I don’t need another one,” then you can get the care done without both of you becoming upset and angry. When you finally have peaceful and less stressful interactions with your loved one, then you feel happy and reconnected to your family member. No more second-guessing yourself—no more worrying about if you are doing something right!  So that is what this letter is about…are you ready to embrace a better caregiving experience?

Now…I’ve helped hundreds of family caregivers of people living with dementia prevent and manage challenging behaviors. I’ve helped these same caregivers understand where the behaviors are coming from and how to change their approach. But when I first started out, I was a nursing assistant trying to figure out how to give people living with dementia a shower without getting my hair pulled, or getting smacked. Forty years later, I’m in a different place, where I can get the most challenging person into a shower or even help them brush their teeth without a fight. And it all started with me learning nearly 20 years ago that a lot of the refusal behaviors are caused by brain changes.

Here is a program that transforms YOU into the dementia behavior expert for your family member!

FIVE LIVE INTERACTIVE webinars (Wednesdays, 6-7:30 PM US Central Time)
  • Module 1: Confidently and competently communicate without causing arguments or upset.
  • Module 2: Refusal behavior–moving from combat to cooperation!
  • Module 3: Hallucinations, delusions, sundowning, and more: managing difficult behaviors and reconnecting with your loved one.
  • Module 4: What happens next? Getting prepared for challenges across all of the dementia stages.
  • Module 5: Can these medications really help? Understanding the use (and misuse) of medications used in the dementia journey.

Crazy schedule? Not sure if you can make it to the live webinars? No worries! Webinars are recorded for unlimited access…AND I provide video and audio files so you can listen in your car or while walking the dog!


  • Two 30-minute PRIVATE coaching sessions with me to help you tailor the strategies for YOUR specific challenges. PLUS, you can bring another family into the coaching session at no additional cost!! This is a $300 value!! We connect at the start of the program and then six weeks later. The first call is to give you a head start on building  your confidence and ability to handle challenging dementia behaviors. During the second call, we put together a plan for moving forward–we talk about next stages and possible challenges.
  • 90 days of personal support! Connect with me on Voxer, a free, real-time voice messaging app that works on any smart phone, tablet, and desktop computers. You download the app, type in my name, and start talking! I use Voxer with my private clients, and I’m offering this high-value bonus as part of the Confident and Competent Dementia Caregiving program.
  • Workbooks with each module! These workbooks have the slides and room to take notes. At the end of each workbook, I give you a guide for applying the information and strategies to your caregiving situation.
  • Bonus video: Which dementia treatments are legit or worthless?

Don’t let someone else get your spot!

  • Registrastion closes Tuesday, June 7 2022 at midnight, central time
  • Limited to 8 people–because I want to GIVE YOU a high-quality, personalized program!

Money Back Guarantee!

You have a full two weeks after the program starts to see if the Confident and Competent Dementia Caregiving Program is right for you. If you decide that it isn’t, just let me know and I’ll gladly refund your money. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Get Registered

If you are ready to stop the fighting, the refusals, the hassles, the frustration, the fear that you are doing something wrong, then your next step is to click the order button below and get registered for the Confident and Competent Dementia Caregiving Program.

Registration ends Tuesday at midnight!

Frequently Asked Questions

My family member is in the mild stage of dementia. Will I benefit from this program?

Yes! It is never too early in the journey to start learning about the disease and the behaviors and to get support NOW! So many of my clients tell me that they regret not accessing my programs sooner!

My family member is in the moderate stage and I've already handled some of the behaviors. Will I get anything out of this program?

Yes! The moderate stage is the longest stage in the dementia journey. Many of the more challenging behaviors, like refusing necessary care, show up in this stage. I also show you how to start preparing for future severe stage challenges.

My schedule is unpredictable. I don't know if I can get to the live webinars. Will I lose out?

NOPE! While it is great to get to the live webinars, I know family caregivers have crazy schedules. This is why I have the 2 one-on-one private calls AND the 90 days of telephone support using Voxer. You can ask questions or get some suggestions without having to go to the live webinars!

What happens during the private coaching calls?

During the first call, I ask some questions about you, your family member, and the specific questions and concerns you have right now. I want to give you a "leg up" on handling whatever is challenging right now! During the last call, we talk about what is working and what is still a challenge. I also help prepare you for some possible situations that you may face later in your dementia caregiving journey.

What should I expect from the 90 days of telephone support?

I use a free app known as Voxer. This app is like a walkie-talkie. You add my name to the app, you push the green button, and you start talking. I listen to your message and respond. I use it with my clients and it is a cool way for me to help you with specific issues in real time. Or, if you just need to vent--I'm here!