I watched the 9/7 webinar, and found it quite useful.   It explained why my mom cannot remember what day it is or what time it is but she remembers to ask my son how school is or how his trip to the beach was-the emotional tie-she and my dad helped take care of him when I was working.

I shared with my dad how to assist her to get started on brushing her teeth,

I have actually been able to give my mom a shower each week-even when she says, “No,  not today.” I say , Yes, today.  Remember how good it feels?” Andd then she says , OK.” Shocking, I know! I thought it would be a much bigger challenge.  I have also, after many attempts, had her change into a different pair of pants!  Not an easy road but each time we take a shower now we change into a clean pair of pants. I think she wore the same pants for a month!  Another huge success!!

The reason I can do this is learning from people who devote their lives to assisting care takers and people with dementia.  Thank you Rita!!

-Carolyn Bailey, Owner, Southern Label


The various points were ‘right on’ with where we are with my Mom! It really will help in how we interact with her.

–Marianne Terry, Attorney & Caregiver

The best dementia caregiver coach ever.

–Bob DeMarco, Founder, Alzheimer’s Reading Room



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